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We are offering you a diving trip with living on the dive boat and going from one dive site to another. This live-aboard is including all dives, meals and accomodation double cabin.

short trip 2 days / 1 night 6 dives + 1 nightdive to the Similan Islands 299euro
3 days / 2 nights to the Similan Islands 435euro
6 days / 5 nights to Similan & Northern Islands (the best dive sites at Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock). price 1050euro
7 days / 6 nights to Birma banks price on request
Port of departure and arrival is Tap Lamu. The Nationalpark diving fee of THB 1,000.- per person for Similan Islands,and THB 1,400.- for the Northern Islands is not included in these prices and will be collected in cash prior to departure. Including dives, meals, accommodation and free Nitrox for certified divers. This offer includes also the Actusail monitoring of the services provided, a special Western style trouble shooter on location.

Similan This Divesite is in the top ten of the world. A good place to have a chance to spot Manta Rays! and many other cool stuff. The Similans Islands, located about one hundred kilometers North-West of Phuket, are composed of nine granite islands. Typically, the high season in the Similans is from October until May, but diving is possible all year-round. The water tends to be clearest in the summer and in the fall, but then again, the visibility is usually good in the Similan, averaging approximately 18-25 meters and at times exceeding 40 meters. The similan have two types of environments in one destination.

The East coast features hard coral gardens which slope dramatically from the surface down to approximately 30-40 meters. Here, the most popular activity is drift diving along hard-coral gardens while watching the reef inhabitants. Whale sharks, while large cow tail rays and leopard sharks are reasonably common. We will also see white tip and black tip sharks, and over the years we have seen schools of pseudo orcas or false killer whales. Wild life is not guaranteed but the Similans are famous for: wild, unspoiled beaches, magnificent coral growth, prolific fish life, crystalline blue water and sensational underwater rock formations.

The West coast can offer faster paced, more exhilarating diving as currents swirl around the huge granite boulders. These smooth, rounded boulders form dramatic formations, holes and overhangs (swim-throughs). On earth there are just few places like this. Growing on these boulders are some of the most colorful soft corals imaginable, in many places so thick that the rock is no longer visible.

Koh Bon is located about 20 kilometers North of Koh Similan and features a 33 meter wall facing a small cove, and a step-down ridge that carries on to depths of over 50 meters. Leopard sharks are common on the flat areas of the ridge and on the sandy plane below the wall. Although the soft corals are not as lush as they are in the Similans, the colors are radically different and include shades of turquoise, yellow and blue besides the more common pinks and purples. Koh Bon is one of the better places in the Andaman Sea to see Manta rays.

The Similan Marine National Park is open for diving from November thru April. There will be an entrance fee charged by the authorities for conservation purposes.

Diver National Park fee: 700 THB/per day
Non-diver National Park fee: 500 THB/per day

3 days/2 nights Similan Islands:
Diver National Park fee: 1,100 THB
Non-diver National Park fee:   500 THB

3 days/2 nights Surin Islands:
Diver National Park fee: 1,600 THB
Non-diver National Park fee:   1,000 THB

6 days/6 nights Similan, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai, Richelieu Rock, Surin
Diver National Park fee: 2,200 THB
Non-diver National Park fee:  1,000 THB
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